First Baptist Church, Groesbeck

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  • This is a generation that is not just hungry for big faith, but for a big faith that is lived out in the practical, mundane things we do and the decisions that we make everyday. What does it look like to follow God and live out this faith in our relationships, at our jobs, in conflict, in suffering, with money? Faith can move mountains, but it can also change our everyday circumstances, so we are going to look at God’s word to do that in one of the most practical, yet misunderstood, books of the Bible - Proverbs. Proverbs doesn’t show us a set of rules, but a different way to live that is so attractive, so fragrant, flowing through our lives, actions, relationships, and work, and drawing people to Christ. Together, we are going to discover what it looks like to do these things, not perfectly, but in good faith, trying our best to obey God and His way of life.

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    Conference info: We will live stream the conference in the church’s fellowship hall. The cost is $20. Registration and payment are due January 30th. You can register and pay online or bring registration and payment to the church. We will collect paperwork and payment in the welcome center on Sunday mornings or you can turn in paperwork and payment at the church office Monday-Thursday. Childcare will be provided to children 6 weeks to 8 years old. Childcare registration will close January 30th. Lunch and snacks will be provided for children. Meals: Friday night we will have snack foods; Saturday we will provide breakfast and lunch. Conference times are Friday night 6:00-9:30 and Saturday 9:00-5:30. The doors will open 30 minutes early. Bring a Bible and a pen. For more information about the IF Conference, check out

    Registration Fee: $20

  • Dates

    February 8, 2019
    from 6:00pm to 9:30pm
    February 9, 2019
    from 9:00am to 5:30pm
  • Address

    306 North Ellis
    Groesbeck, TX 76642
    United States
  • Event Hosts

    Collier Amy

    Amanda Pharris

    Alex McDonald

    Deanna Eastburn

    Linda Parker

    Kara Mclelland

    Melanie Anderson

    Mica Trojacek

    Nicole Dawley

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  • Childcare

    Childcare will be offered for children 6 weeks to 8 years old. Registration for childcare will be closed January 30th. Friday snacks will be provided and snacks and lunch on Saturday. ****please include your children’s names and ages that will need childcare to the blank box on the registration page.***

  • Meal(s)

    For conference attendees, snacks will be provided Friday night. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Saturday. ****please include your children’s names and ages that will need childcare to the blank box on the registration page. ***

  • Register $20
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    • Avatar Karon Golden
    • Avatar Becky Harris
    • Avatar Heidi Longer
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